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Emmett Stormo Jr. 

Obituary: Al Talley

Albert Talley Sr. was a dedicated Renton School Board member until the day he died. At noon March 27, he spoke with the Renton Chamber of Commerce about the city’s students. That night, he had a stroke.

Mr. Talley, who also held a number of other leadership and volunteer jobs in Renton, died two days later at Harborview Medical Center. He was 82.

Damien Pattenaude, superintendent-elect of the Renton School District, said that at the chamber meeting, Mr. Talley spoke about the need for fully funding education in Washington state.


“He was still pressing on, on those last days of his life,” said Pattenaude, who is also Mr. Talley’s nephew.​

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Shane C. Verley

Posted in Facebook today:

Good evening friends and family.

We have finalized details for Shane's memorial.  Services will be held on Saturday, July 22nd at 1:00 pm. 

The location will be:

Grace Foursquare Church

3030 Borst Ave

Centralia, WA

We felt it best to hold the memorial on a weekend in which the most of Shane's softball league(s) teammates

and friends could show due to the lack of a tournament. The family is on board and embracing this plan.

A slideshow celebrating some of the good times in Shane's life will be shown.  Having said that,

I am requesting any fun and/or sweet photos that you think would be a good addition to the show, to please

send them my way at  Questions/concerns can also be submitted here.

Members of the family and possibly other church members will be providing light food and beverages. 

However some people have expressed interest in bringing finger food type dishes. 

If you are one of those people please let me know.

We look forward to meeting you next month to celebrate the life of Shane.

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Obituary: Stanley Owings Ruth Realty 1990's

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Obituary: Joe Webb

With dramatic suddenness we sadly lost an exceptional athletic and a good friend, Joe Webb from Federal Way, Washington. He passed away on November 25, 2019 at the age of 64. Joe graduated from Federal Way High School in 1973 and went on to play Basketball at Tacoma Community College, Eastern Washington University and finishing his studies at the University of Washington. Joe began playing softball with VIP Tavern, in the 80's and 90's he played for Jack's/Mollett, Nightly Travel, D Bar G, West Coast Awards and Sporting News as well as participating in many National Tournaments where he was a frequent All-Star. Joe was inducted into the USSSA Hall of Fame in 1995. Joe was a follower of all sports and upon softball retirement, became an avid golfer often teaming with his brother (Tim) to capture many golfing prizes. There was the yearly Super Bowl weekend trip to Reno with his extended group of won't be the same without him. From former teammates: Keith Newton..."Joe was class on and off the playing field... a true gentleman. He never had a bad word to say about anyone".  Steve Blake said: "what a great buddy and teammate". from Coach/Manager Charlie Stewart..."Joe played with speed, power and grace. In the outfield he would not run to the ball, but glide and he was truly a five-tool player and a genuine class act"; Joe was working at the Boeing Company up until his passing.

               Rest in Peace Joe our friend, you left us at a way too early age. However, I know up there you'll be running those bases...gliding in the outfield to run down those fly balls and organizing those golf outings and save us a place in your foursome.

             There will be a memorial January 25, 2020 at 2 PM at Christ Church in Federal Way and a Celebration of Life April 11, 2020 at 2 PM at Twin Lakes Country Club.

Obituary: John David Griffith

HI Bob Hoffman! Here My Best Friend & softball player coach John Griffith passed away on Oct 11th 2019 Big Johnny has played Softball since 1973 Big John was elected to the 2008 Hall a Fame as coach of the Fellowship who won the WA State A Championship in 1994 Big John Griffith went on to play Senior Softball since 2001 He played in the wed Federal way 10 am senior league and the Meadowdale senior league Big John played with the Vancouver team coached by Al Woolrich since 2003 John Griffith loved Senior Softball and Big John also loved his players John was a Born again Christian who dedicated his life to Help and encourage others Recently Big Johns Health began to fail but he continued to keep playing Ball In August in 2019 he was playing at Lacey and was Hitting On one at Bat he Fell down after hitting a Gr8 hit to left Field Big John with the help of the umpire  Got up and In a Joking Fashion Said Help I Have Fallen and can’t get up. The Vancouver Team coached by Al Woolrich Won. John was planning on playing worlds in Vegas and suddenly John was in Hospital where he passed Big Johnny Griffith Had several senior softball players come and visit him prior to his passing At Big Johns Memorial several hundreds of softball came to his Memorial Big Johnny G was my Best Friend and I have played on the same teams with him that he either played on or coached Big John was the Best to All players Kind and Fair He also would take the time to Pray after many of the Games with Both teams Big John would lead others to God By his Gr8 attitude and unselfishness  In over 40 years and 7000 games i never heard him swear one time He was amazing Man. Last year in August John took me over to the Bricks at Lacey and Showed me Joe Corbella Brick and also, we saw others like Lefty Robert Ferguson's etc. And Big John said I Hope to have my ashes there and I will be watching Looking down from Heaven As i am playing Ball with my Other Friends in Heaven We Have a web site for Big Johnny  it is  I know that Big Johnny G would be honored to be a part of the Tribute Thanks for Senior Softball you Guys R Gr8 and I would be happy to say a few words at the memorial tribute tourney about Big John Griffith


Thanks Bob Hoffman my cell 206 276 6905

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