NorthWest Senior Softball Website

I created my first senior softball website back in 2007 for our Pacific NW senior softball players.  I gained my website building experience working for the Boeing company nearly 25 years as a programmer-analyst for Finance and Acctg depts.  


Nearing the end of 2014 I have logged just under 60,000 visits to the old site; which I never expected as the website expanded to nation-wide visibility.  The old site has reached the end of its useful life.  This new NorthWest Senior Softball website begins with 2015 and will go as long as it remains viable. 


The site has many advantages over the erstwhile one.  It utilizes latest technologies in website creation such as: the site will load much faster, responds faster to user input actions like mouse clicks, downloads and pagination.


It also has a more appealing presentation along with an intuitive site navigation menu as the user interface.  The old website will still be  available for those who would like to revisit prior years as well as adding some data support for the new site.  


The content of the new website will again contain numerous photos I’ve personally taken during my travels playing senior ball.  Photos that were submitted by coaches and players over the years such as championship team pictures now have their own dedicated page.  


A new feature is the addition of videos for entertainment and instructional purposes that are embedded within the site.


Visibility to our local leagues including schedules and standings will again be compiled and posted from scores submitted by team managers via the new "Send Scores/Messages Menu" tab.


There is a plethora of other interesting items such as: hitting tips, softball articles,  photo slideshows,  links to other popular websites and the addition of a local hall of fame inductees recognition board.